Nutritional Education

Fundamental to my role as an accredited practising dietitian (APD) is that of nutritional education.

Dietitian’s are recognised as experts who are trained in diet and disease relationships and are the only profession approved to provide medical nutritional therapy (MNT) – which is the individualised prescription of a therapeutic diet.

However, as an APD, I am also recognised an Accredited Nutritionist (AN) and it is in this capacity that a major portion of my consultations is spent providing General Nutritional Education (GNE) – which can be described as background fundamentals sourced from nationally endorsed evidence based guidelines.  For example, GNE might discuss the reduction of saturated fat in the diet in accordance with The Australian Dietary Guidelines and the National Heart Foundation.  Whereas MNT might recommend specific product substitution or portion sizing based upon the diet as a whole, medical and medication status, religious and cultural considerations, work and exercise routines, budget and cooking skills, likes / dislikes and food tolerances.  

Unfortunately most “nutritional knowledge” that people take on board is heavily influenced by marketing and advertising to drive food trends with the goal of promoting their products and associates eating styles / diets.  In contrast, GNE provided by a APD / AN has to be evidence-based and if possible brand neutral.  It is my goal to make GNE readily accessible to all Australian adults with the goal for providing an understanding of:

  • basic anatomy and physiology of the gastro-intestinal tract
  • energy systems of the body
  • source of, and fates of, macronutrients (protein, fats and carbohydrates)
  • establishing an appropriate energy intake and distribution
  • ensuring an appropriate contribution / distribution of macronutrients
  • menu planning for sustainable, satisfying, well tolerated and enjoyable meal choices

I use GNE learning modules/lessons to support my clients but invite you to register your interest in accessing GNE and identifying any particular topics that interest you.

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For Nutritional education services or support please get in touch via email / sms or ph 0428622525

Bariatric Surgery Support

I am the consultant dietitian for various Bariatric surgeries and offer structured pre and post surgery dietetic services.

Do you struggle to maintain a healthy weight? You’re not alone. In Australia, over 60% of the adult population is considered overweight, with 25% of these in the obese category (ABS 2012). Your Body Mass Index (BMI) is used to identify your risk of morbidity and mortality as a result of being overweight. If your BMI is over 40, or over 35 and you are experiencing health issues, weight loss surgery should be considered.

Please contact me to discuss the support and packages I can offer to support you no matter where you live.

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For Bariatric Surgery support please get in touch via email / sms or ph 0428622525

Remote Consultations

As the digitaldietitian, I am able to offer a number of services without you needing to attend face to face and during business hours only..

For digital consultations, the bookings, payment and the consultations themselves are all made / provided using computers, tablets or phones – giving you the flexibility to obtain the support you need when and where you want.

Note that consultations will be via phone or (preferably) via Zoom – web conferencing service.  To utilise Zoom, a link will be forwarded to your nominated email address just prior to the consultation inviting you to an on-line meeting.  This option allows us both to put a face to the voice and I can screen share, if required, to display resources.  However, your device will need microphone and camera capabilities.

With Zoom you will not have to download anything to join a meeting as the web browser client will download automatically when you join your first Zoom meeting.  Alternatively you can download Zoom Mobile Apps for iPhone or Android, or Zoom Client for Meetings (PC or Mac) via:

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To Book a Remote Consultation please get in touch via email / sms or ph 0428622525